Quality & Hygiene

Home-like Taste, Lab-like Hygiene

Over the years, as Samrat grew into a popular snack foods’ brand, there was one thing that founder Mr. Jayshankar S. Vaid personally ensured -- that while the quantity of Samrat increased steadily, their quality remained the same.

As the demand for Samrat multiplied along with increased capacities, they incorporated modern methodologies for quality control and hygienic plant management.

Today, the Samrat plant, situated in the GIDC zone at Naroda, Ahmedabad, is an automated, new generation snacks manufacturing unit. Directors of the group, some of them with more then 25 years of experience in the field, directly handle the quality control department. The basic food materials come from Samrat's own grinding mill, so that the company can exert total control over product quality.

The pulses, grains and fruits are sourced from India's best markets. The automated packaging unit enables long-lasting freshness & total hygiene of the products.

The scientific packaging method ensures that not even the iota of the spicy taste or crunchy freshness is lost over even after long periods of storage. It's a testimony to their passion for quality that the Small Industries Service Institute, Government of India, acknowledged Samrat as a 'Hygienic & Excellent Unit'.